This past week, Mr. Alex (our Individuals & Societies teacher) took 61 of our MYP2 and MYP3 students on a field trip to two local spots.

First, the students visited the Syriac Heritage Museum. The tour guides were incredibly enthusiastic about sharing their expansive knowledge with the students. They guided the students through various exhibitions and displays, showing them artifacts from the past, and explaining traditions that have been passed down to the present generation.

MQIS students found the tours at the Syriac Heritage Museum to be very informative

After their museum tour was over, Mr. Alex and his students headed to their second stop: the local Ankawa Complex of the Chaldean Antonin Order of Rabban Hormizd. Here, Father Yousif generously spent the time to explain the work being done at the monastery. At the monastery, the monks and several workers dedicate their time and skill in preserving, restoring, and translating ancient manuscripts. The students were amazed when they saw some of the ancient texts and they were visibly awed by the incredible work being done at the monastery, recognizing the intensely attentive and disciplined mindset that it requires. 

Father Yousif explaining a part of the rigorous preservation and restoration process

All in all, it was both an informative and forming trip for the students of Mar Qardakh.