This October saw community-building and outdoor fun for our students and teachers during our first field days of the 2023-24 academic year. Students from EY, PYP, MYP, and HS all had fun in the sun during their respective field days.

PYP5 helps out EY students during their field day

PYP5 did an amazing job at helping run field day for our EY students.

For our Early Years students, field day was especially exciting as our PYP5 students helped to plan and run the event for the younger students. PYP5 did an amazing job at exemplifying our IB learner profile of Caring, working under the direction of both our PYP coordinator, Miss Tara, and our EY co-ordinator, Miss Hadeel. PYP5 set up various outdoor games for the EY students, who had tons of fun playing outdoors with their classmates and being with the older students.

PYP1-5 has a great time being outside and enjoying field games

Our PYP students having a great time being outside and playing field games together with their teachers.

For PYP, field day was split across two days during the first week of October. PYP3, PYP4, and PYP5 played together on the first day, while PYP1 and PYP2 enjoyed their field day together on the second day. The games were held outside on the MQIS soccer field, with the kids participating in five different games. The PYP teachers oversaw the sections competing against each other, helping to foster and encourage an environment of healthy competition between the students. 

Both field days for PYP were a huge success, with our young students greatly enjoying the outdoors while learning how to compete in a healthy, safe way. 

MYP1-5 and HS compete against each other under the supervision of their homeroom teachers

MYP1-5 and HS enjoyed a day of healthy competition under the supervision of their homeroom teachers.

Finally, our MYP and HS students enjoyed their field day together; the students and teachers spent almost three hours outside on the MQIS soccer field. The students played various field games (such as tug-of-war, a touch version of capture the flag, relay races, and balloon waddle), competing  against each other based on their section. 

Our Economics teacher, Mr. Mike, noted that, “…the field day brought out a strong sense of camaraderie, spirited engagement, and a healthy dose of school spirit.”

This was evident throughout the day as homeroom teachers led their students in both active participation and in cheering teammates.

Overall, the first field days of the 2023-2024 academic year were a huge success, with teachers and students alike having a great time outdoors in the sunny weather.