This past Saturday (October 21st), Miss Tara (our PYP co-ordinator) and Miss Maryana (our PYP PE teacher) organized several games and an outdoor picnic for PYP1. All the PYP teachers attended and helped oversee various activities that both students and parents were invited to work on together. There were arts and crafts activities inside the MQIS school building and various field games outside on the soccer field. 

The event lasted for almost two hours; afterwards, everyone stayed for a picnic outside in the sunshine. Parents brought various dishes to share and parents, students, and teachers together enjoyed the wonderful food and beautiful weather. As PYP3 homeroom teacher, Miss Margaret, said, “…it was a really special opportunity for parents to get outside and have fun with their kids while mingling with the teachers and other parents.”


Our PYP1 students had an incredibly fun time with their parents during their picnic day.

                                   Our PYP1 students had an amazing time with their parents during their picnic day.