Mar Qardakh wishes you a very merry Christmas!

Before starting break and celebrating Christmas with their families, Mar Qardakh students celebrated Christmas together with the faculty at MQIS. The event was organized and led by Ms. Rawa (MYP Math) and Mr. Mushriq (PYP Music); every MQIS student, from Kindergarten through High School, participated in the celebration of Christmas through various performances.

Each class alternated performances (with Ms. Rawa and Mr. Mushriq enriching the celebration by sharing fun facts about the Christmas season). Our youngest students in KG began the event with a beautiful re-creation of the nativity scene, Christmas carols, and the Christmas Cracker dance. PYP then took the stage and sang songs for their teachers and fellow students, including versions of ‘Christmas Hallelujah’ and ‘Jingle Bells.’

MQIS KG students set the tone for the event by re-creating the Nativity scene.

Both PYP and MYP sang various Christmas classics during the celebration.

Our MYP students prepared several performances as well for the celebration. The different MYP sections collaborated in singing classic Christmas songs, performing in both Arabic and English for the audience. Our oldest students in High School then finished the event with a fantastic production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol

MQIS High School students put on a production of A Christmas Carol greatly enjoyed by their younger peers.

Our oldest students wished their younger peers a very merry Christmas and Mar Qardakh extends that same wish to you!

MQIS students and faculty wish you a merry Christmas!