This fall, MYP 1, 2 and 3 have been learning about different cultures in Mr. Alex´s classroom, from the ancient Aztecs of Mexico to their own Iraqi heritage. To help with visualizing the subjects discussed in the classroom, this past week the students embarked upon a field trip within our own district of Ankawa.

Beginning with the Ankawa museum, pupils encountered their heritage through examining a model depicting Ankawa one hundred years ago. The museum directors shared with students how the town developed and the changes that have taken place from then up to today. Additionally, students encountered artifacts from ancient times to modern day. Traditional clothes particular to each town especially piqued the students interest.

After the museum, the class visited Rabban Hormizd Monastery – the site of breaking work on manuscript preservation. Students watched as technicians carefully repaired books hundreds of years old. Later, one of the monks explained the importance of manuscript preservation for the future of theological studies. 

Both parts of the field trip effectively helped the students develop critical thinking skills, inspiring them to ask pertinent questions of our guides and also to reflect more upon local history and how it contributes to Iraqi culture.